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Tuesday, 07 December 2021

Information & Communication Technology Centre
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The MNIT website is restructured and reframed by Central Computer Centre. New website includes many features like dynamic faculty profiles, user friendly multi tab interface, scroll free GUI and quick search etc.
Department Home Pages: A common template has been designed for displaying information of all the departments.
Faculty Profile: Profile of all the University Faculty is fed and maintained by the Faculty himself/herself in this application. The information has been classified in following parts:

• Personal information,
• Contact information,
• Academic/professional qualifications,
• Research area interests with brief research profile,
• Research publications (Journal and Conference),
• Patents,
• Books publications,
• PhD supervised,
• Professional affiliations etc.

Searching People: Based on the information fed by the Faculty, they may be searched by anyone on various criteria like –Name, Research Area, Designation, Department etc.
Contact Us: A contact us tab provided on the top right corner of the Home Page. Any website visitor may find telephone directory, how to reach the institute and webmaster e-mail id for send his queries/complaints regarding the website.
Technical Features:

• The website has been developed in open source software.
• The website is compatible with all popular web browsers.
• The web pages are light weight so that the website will perform well even in low speed of internet connectivity.

Content Management System (CMS): Information/News/Photos required to be uploaded on the website is done through a Central CMS. Features of this CMS are:

• Information/news is uploaded in the CMS which may appear instantly or on a later time specified in the CMS.
• Time of removing the Information/news may also be specified at the time of uploading so that there will be no irrelevant information lying on the website.
• All the information/news are kept safe in the database making it possible to have various types of useful searches on the news/information posted on the website in past.
• It will be possible to display any information/news at multiple relevant places for the ease of users.

Hosting of the website on MNIT Server.

NIT Council Website: An NIT Council web application was designed, developed and is being maintained by Computer Centre to create an interface for all thirty NITs so that users can access information about all the NITs from a single platform. Link for the NIT Council Click here

There are many web based applications that are developed, successfully deployed and maintained by Computer Centre.
  1. Online Ph.D. Application web portal.
  2. Faculty Recruitment Application.
  3. Technical/Non-technical staff recruitment application.
  4. MNIT 7th and 8th convocation online registration application.
  5. Seat allocation program for CSAB-2014.
  6. Hostel allotment portal.
  7. Grade feeding application.
  8. Conferences and seminar websites.
  9. Alumni day registration portal.
  10. MRC (Material Research Centre) application
  11. SMP (Student Mentorship program)
Central Computer Center is always looking for new and advance technology and to keep update the Faculty members and Students, it provides various training progarams regularly. Some of the recently conducted training programs are as follows:
  1. AutoCAD: Duration- 7 days, 3 Session Per Day, attended by 15-20 Faculty Members & around 200 Students.
  2. Revit Architecture: Duration- 7 days, 3 Session Per Day, attended by 5-10 Faculty Members & around 80 Students.
  3. Civil 3D: Duration- 7 days, 3 Session Per Day, attended by 5-10 Faculty Members & around 80 Students.
  4. Adobe Photoshop (CS-6): Duration- 2 days, 2 Session Per Day, attended by 5 Staff Members & around 45 Students.
  5. Inventor: Duration- 7 days, 2 Session per Day, attended by 15-20 Faculty Members & around 45 Students.
  6. Hyper Works: Duration- 7 days, 3 Session per Day, attended by 10-15 Faculty Members, 5 Ph.D. Students & 20 Students
  7. Community Development Program on "Working knowledge of AutoCAD": Duration- 5 days, 1.30 hours per Day, attended by unemployed / under-employed youth working as computer operators, attendants and maintenance staff.


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