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Friday, 19 July 2019

Department of Chemical Engineering
»Pipe & Fittings
»Bernoulli???s Theorem
»Venturi Meter & Orifice Meter
»Pipe Friction
»Fluidized Bed
»Circular and Non Circular Pipes
»Pipe & Fittings
»Reynold's Number
»Packed Bed
»Jaw Crusher
»Ball Mill
»Drag Coefficient Apparatus
»Sieve Shaker
»Agitated Vessel
»Sedimentation Setup
»Rotary Vacuum Filter
»Cyclone Separator
»Plate and Frame Filter
»Heat Transfer Through Metal Rod
»Heat Transfer Through Insulating Powder
»Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall
»Unsteady State Heat Transfer Unit
»Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
»Heat Transfer in Natural Convection
»Heat Transfer in Forced Convection
»Parallel Flow/Counter Flow Heat Exchanger
»Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
»Drop ??? Wise and Film ??? Wise Condensation
»Heat Transfer in Boiling
»Heat Transfer in Agitated Jacketed Vessel
»Batch Reactor
»Plug Flow Reactor
»Mixed Flow Reactor
»Muffle Furnace
»Study of Catalyst
»Determination of RTD
»Recycle Bed Reactor
»Spinning Basket Reactor
»UV Photo Reactor
»Wetted Wall Column
»Flash Distillation
»Batch Crystallizer
»Cooling Tower
»Packed Column for Hydrodynamics Studies
»Batch Tray Dryer
»Bubble Cap Distillation Column
»Mass Transfer Coefficient for flow around spheres
»Solid Dissolution Apparatus
»Ables Flash Point Apparatus
»Smoke Point Test Apparatus
»Rams Bottom Carbon Residue Apparatus
»Saybolt Viscometer
»Pensky Martens Flash Point Apparatus
»Aniline Point Test Apparatus
»Distillation Stills
»Reid Vapor Pressure Method
»Bomb Calorimeter
»Cloud and Pour Point Test Apparatus
»First Order Dynamics in Tank Liquid Level
»Second Order Dynamics in a U-Tube Manometer
»Two Tank Non Interacting System
»Two Tank Interacting System
»Control Valve Characteristics
»First Order Dynamics in a Mercury Thermometer
»U-Tube Manometers with 3 different fluids
»Temperature Control Trainer
»Flow Control Trainer
»Multiprocess Trainer ??? Flow And Level Control
»Multivariable Control Trainer ??? 4 Tanks Liquid Level System
»Study of Distillation Column Control
Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering Lab
Simulation Lab
Industrial Pollution Abatement Lab
Process Equipment Design Lab
Process Engineering and Plant Design Lab

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