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Thursday, 30 January 2020

Centre for Energy & Environment

MNIT Jaipur conferred the IREDA NIWE 2019 Award for Best Institution of Higher Learning in Wind Energy Indo-German Summer Winter School 2018-19, 11-15 Feb 2019, Mahaveer Jain, Tata Consulting Engineers; Soniya Chanwala, Tata Consulting Engineers; Shoumita Pal, Akash Institute; Gaurav Vyas, Rao Institute; Jyoti, TERI; Mukesh, TERI; Ankita, ESRI-Dublin; Mayuri Rajput, PhD, Georgia Tech University, USA; Prathama Dolas, Project Officer, GRIHA Council; Sumitabh Tiwari, Safety Consultant, Lloyds Register, Mumbai; Vivek Kumar, Design Engineer, Oorja Energy, Hyderabad; Sumit Kumar, Senior Engineer, Jones Lang laSalle, Mumbai; Durva Gupta-PhD, IIT Delhi; Srikanth Reddy Konda-PhD, IIT Delhi, Dr Shashank Vyas, TERI New Delhi; Soniya Chanwala, Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd; Mahaveer Jain, Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd; Ankita Singh, The Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI)- Dublin-Ireland |

Celebrating 6 Years of Excellence (2012-18) and Looking Beyond
Centre for Energy and Environment aims to find sustainable solutions to global energy inadequacy and environmental degradation as the global energy systems will experience major changes in coming decades. These challenges call-for scientific knowledge, innovative-technology development, policy measures and action at local and world level. The sustainability of the system will prove to be of prime importance-environmentally, economically and socially.

Although the fossil resources have been fundamental source of energy for human existence since long time in everyday life and now the time of oil discoveries are almost over. Addressing the challenges arising from issues of energy scarcity will involve a massive increase in the utilization of sustainable energy resources like wind, solar and biomass. This transformation will not take place overnight but decades. For this reason, high priority to use renewable energy systems and energy efficeint buildings should be given.

Centre of Energy and Environment shares the knowledge and research at the scale of individual components as well as of large-systems, with a focus on the interaction between these two. Centre is at the cutting-edge in northwest India when it comes to research in renewable energy systems.

Through wide-ranging team-work and partnerships with the private, public sectors as well as national and international colaborators and responsibilities in the policy process, centre is living up to the ambition.

Supporting a transition to a sustainable world !

To foster renewable energy technologies through pedagogical tools, research and human resource development at various levels, and disseminate the information for sustainable development.


  • To enable sustainable and cost-efficient innovations and develop interactive facilities pertaining to the multi-disciplinary areas of renewable energy and environment.
  • To provide quality higher engineering education (viz. M.Tech., Ph.D.) and training programs (viz. 1 and/or 2 week) for integrating and providing skilled personnel to academia and industry in area of energy and environment.
  • To promote education and awareness related to energy and environment by becoming a nodal centre for north-western India.
  • To develop novel, efficient as well as affordable testing and standardization methods/protocols for operational reliability of equipments and devices related to energy and environment.
  • To showcase cost-effective, clean and sustainable renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency.
Departmental Brochure

Dr. Rohit Bhakar
Head, Centre for Energy & Environment
Malaviya National Institute of Technology
JLN Marg, Jaipur - 302017 India
Tel: 0141-2713422
e-mail: head.cee@mnit.ac.in


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