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Sunday, 17 October 2021

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Solar Calculator
It is a calculator which exhibits the Sun Path for any particular place, all over the world, along with the positioning and placement of the Solar Panels, ensuring maximum utilization of incident solar power.
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It has been developed over the Microsoft Excel platform and comprises of two sheets namely: Sun Path and Solar Panel.

The Sun Path sheet
  1. Displays the sun path diagram of a particular place i.e. the diurnal and the annual variation of the path followed by the sun.
  2. Calculates the precise position of the sun at any particular time of the day using the altitude and azimuth angles of solar geometry.
  3. Calculates the actual sunset and sunrise time of any day, at any particular place.

The Solar Panel sheet
  1. Displays the Vertical Axis and the Horizontal Axis tilt angles of the solar panel based on three different cases: Ideal, Season-wise and the Custom case ensuring maximum utilization of the solar power.
  2. Displays the Angle of Incidence of the incident sun rays over the solar panel based on the above mentioned cases.
  3. Calculates the Solar Irradiance or the incident power over the panel, which is placed conforming to the above mentioned angles.

It can prove to be a vital tool to sense the path followed by the sun at any particular place, which can further be useful for building orientations and in various solar thermal applications.
It will be invigorating for the Solar Tracking systems by providing the exact angles for the placement of the solar panels for maximum utilization of the solar insolation.
This Solar Calculator aids in sensing the path of the Sun firstly, and further suggests the necessary measures that could be employed for maximum utilization of the incident Solar Energy.

Following are the representational images and a demonstration video which will provide an overview of the calculator :


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