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Thursday, 19 September 2019

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
S. No.Project DirectorTitle of the projectFunding AgencyAmount (Lacs)Duration
1Dr. Ghanshyam SinghModeling and Simulation of a Non-invasive Approach for the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Assessment inside Human Subject exposed to CPS Wireless InfrastructureICPS PROGRAMME DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (DST), NEW DELHI35.002019-2022
2Dr. Ritu SharmaBlood Flow detection and Monitoring Using Sensory DataRTU TEQIP-III2.402019-2020
3Dr. Ritu SharmaDetection of Heavy Metals in Water by nanosensor electrodesTEQIP-III12.322019-2020
4Dr. Ritu SharmaBandgap optimization of CNT thin film in VI/IR range for application of optoelectronics devices and Optical AntennaTEQIP-III8.122019-2020
5Dr. Rajendra MitharwalModeling and Simulation of a Non-invasive Approach for the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Assessment inside Human Subject exposed to CPS Wireless InfrastructureInterdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems (ICPS) Division - DST35.002019-2022
6Dr. Ghanshyam SinghInvestigation of elastomeric membrane based photonic crystal fiber sensor for various applicationsINDIA THAILAND PROGRAMME OF CO OPERATION IN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (2019-2022)4.242019-2022
7Dr. Ritu SharmaDesign and development of MEMS based piezoelectric energy harvesterDRDO, New delhi22.052017-2020
8Dr. Chitrakant SahuFabrication, characterization and performance optimization of junctionless silicon nanowire transistor for biosensing applicationsDST, Science and Engineering Research Board35.002017-2020
9Dr. Ghanshyam SinghModeling and implementation of free space optical transceiver for next generation optical communication applicationsINDIA-EGYPT SCIENTIFIC COOPERATION PROGRAMME 6.242016-2018
11Dr. Ritu SharmaDesign and simulation of cantilever type MEMS based piezoelectric energy harvesterIITM Kanpur2.002016-2018
12Dr. C. PeriasamyDevelopment of Gas and BiosensorDeitY, Ministry of COmm. & IT, Govt. of India37.002016-2020
13Dr. Ravi Kumar MaddilaIntegrated optic devices for visible light communicationDEITY37.002016-2021
14Dr. Rahul Kumar ChaurasiyaDevelopment of efficient Devanagari Script Input Based P300 Speller system for Brain-Computer InterfaceDept. of Science and Technology (DST) under Cognitive Science Research Initiative27.102016-2019
15Dr. Menka YadavVacuum Nano Electronics Device Simulations, growth and Design and installation of an indigenous characterization facilityBML University25.002016-2017
16Dr. C. PeriasamyDevelopment of Piezoelectric Nanogenerator for Energy Harvesting ApplicationsDST11.002016-2018
17Dr. Vineet SahulaElectronics & ICT AcademyMinistry of Communication & IT, Govt. of India1000.002015-2019
18Dr. C. PeriasamyElectronics & ICT Academy (Co-CI)Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)1000.002015-2019
19Dr. Vijay JanyaniEfficiency Enhancement in the thin film GaAs solar cell using Photonic Crystal as a back reflectorDST New Delhi39.602015-2018
20Dr. Ghanshyam SinghDesign and Development of Nanostructured ZnO Film Based Piezoelectric Devices for Energy Harvesting Applications.INDIA – AUSTRIA SCIENTIFIC-TECHNOLOGICAL CO-OPERATION5.502015-2017
21Dr. Ghanshyam SinghModeling and characterization of Lithium Niobate based optical devices using surface geometric techniques for their applications in Integrated Optical Circuits (IOCs).INDIA-UKRAINE INTER-GOVERNMENTAL SCIENCE & amp TECHNOLOGY COOPERATION PROGRAMME10.782015-2018
22Dr. C. PeriasamyDesign and Development of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) for Biosensing ApplicationsSCIENCE & ENGINEERING RESEARCH BOARD (SERB)20.962015-2018
23Dr. C. PeriasamyDesign and Development of Nanostructured ZnO Film Based Piezoelectric Devices for Energy Harvesting ApplicationsINDIA – AUSTRIA SCIENTIFIC-TECHNOLOGICAL CO-OPERATION10.002015-2017
24Dr. D. BoolchandaniSpecial Manpower Development Program for Chips to System DesignProjectDeity Ministry of Comm. & IT Govt. of India75.002014-2019
25Dr. Ghanshyam SinghDesign and Development of Micro-structured Optical Components for Photonic Integrated Circuit (PICs) applicationsINDIA-JAPAN COOPERATIVE SCIENCE PROGRAMME (DST-JSPS) JOINT RESEARCH PROJECT4.562014-2016
26Dr. Vineet SahulaVisvesvaraya PhD scheme of DeitY (Nodal Officer)Ministry of Communication & IT, Govt. of India500.002014-2019
27Dr. Ritu SharmaNew architectures of elliptical air hole photonic crystal fiber for ultra flattened dispersionDST Rajasthan1.602013-2016
28Dr. Ghanshyam SinghDesign and simulation of tunable photonic crystal structures for novel all optical applicationsDRDO (Govt. of India)15.642009-2012
29Dr. Vijay JanyaniDesign and Simulation of Tunable Photonic Crystal Structures for Novel All-Optical ApplicationsDRDO, New Delhi15.642009-2012
30Dr. Vijay JanyaniApplication Specific Research on Microstructured Optical FibersUKIERI (British Governement)4.192007-2011
31Dr. Vijay JanyaniCareer Award for Young TeachersAICTE, New Delhi10.502006-2009
32Dr. Vineet SahulaSpecial Manpower Development Project in VLSI & related software, phase-2Ministry of Communication & IT, Govt. of India78.002005-2013
33Dr. D. BoolchandaniSpecial Manpower Development Project in VLSI & related Software, Phase 2Ministry of CIT104.002005-2013
34Dr. Vineet SahulaModernization & Augmentation of facilities in Advance Electronics Lab for Electronic Circuit Test and Data AcquisitionMHRD modernization project (Merged with TEQIP-1)24.002004-2006
35Dr. Vineet SahulaSynthesis & Reduced Order Modeling of Interconnects for Interconnects for Deep Sub-micron Custom Integrated Circuits and FPGAsMHRD, Govt. of India8.002004-2009
36Dr. D. BoolchandaniDevelopment of ASIC Design Process LabMHRD8.001999-2001
37Dr. D. BoolchandaniSpecial Manpower Development Project in VLSI & Related software, Phase 1Ministry of CIT63.001998-2005

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