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Sunday, 05 April 2020

Department of Mechanical Engineering
S. No. Project Title Total Outlay (Lacs of Rupees) Duration (Period) Investigators Funding Agency
1. Development of I C Engines Lab under network scheme with IIT Delhi 5.00 2 years
Prof. S. L. Soni MHRD
2. Development of an Integrated computer environment for conceptual design of Mechatronic products 5.00 2 years
Dr. S. K. Gupta AICTE
3. Development of e-business centre for small and medium scale industries 10.00 3 years
Dr .A. Bharadwaj MHRD
4. Combustion & performance optimisation of dual fuel engines using Biogas and Diesel 5.00 2 years
Prof. M. P. Poonia AICTE
5. Identification of Critical Success Factors and Implementation Methodology for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies 5.11 2 Years
Dr.G.S. Dangayach DST
6. Creation of facilities for evaluation of alternate fuels for engines & ambient/exhaust pollution monitoring 10.00 2 years
Prof. S. L. Soni
Dr. D.Sharma
7. Development of a hybrid waste disposal system through recycling and sanitary landfilling for solid waste of the Institute campus 9.00 3 years
Prof. M.P. Poonia
Dr.G.D. Agrawal
8. Design & Development of Low built wider width ideal Handloom for weaving 90” wide fabric 3.92 1 year
Prof S L Soni
Dr. Dilip Sharma
Ministry of Textiles
9. Indoor Air Pollution Study at Viratnagar 1.00 Six months
Prof. S. L. Soni Prof. A. B. Gupta Social Policy Research Institute, Jaipur
10. Design, development and fabrication of a stove operated on Jatropa oil 0.5 Six months
Prof. S. L. Soni
Dr. Dilip Sharma
Social Policy Research Institute, Jaipur
11. Development & characterization of a portable tar free Gasifier using waste material for fuel substitution in C.I. engines 7.45 3 years
Prof. M. P. Poonia DST
12. Experimental & Theoretical analysis of combined solar & wind induced enhanced ventilation system 8.22 3 years
Dr. J. Mathur MNES
13. Knowledge transfer in thermo-hygric behavior of buildings €50000 3 years
Dr. J. Mathur European
14. Investigation of heat transfer phenomenon at high heat flux in nucleate flow boiling 8.00 2 years
Prof. A.K. Rajvanshi ISRO
15. Capacity Building for Building Energy Simulation $30000 2 years
Dr .J. Mathur DOE USA
16. Design development ergonomic analysis of blue pottery manufacturing system 21.66 3 years
Dr. A. Bhardwaj
Dr. G.S. Dangayach
17. Development of Multiagent System for dynamic Multiproject Schedulig 6.00 2 Years
Dr M L Mittal
Prof R Jain
18. Studies of Thumba (citrullus colocyntis)seed oil on Engine Performance,Combustion and Exhaust Emission Characteristics 34.70 2 Years
Dr.Dilip Sharma
19. Design and Development of low cost one way Abrasive Flow Machine (AFM) utilizing pulp and fuller’s earth based media 12.49 1 year (2013) Dr. H.S. Mali  DST
20. Investigation of heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids in subcooled flow boiling 17.00 3 Years
Prof A K Rajvanshi BRNS, Mumbay
21. Development of SVO operated micro-Tri-generation system for rural applications 3.70 3 years
Dr. Dilip Sharma
Prof. S. L. Son
Dr. J. Mathur
DST Rajasthan
22. Customised Design & Development of Prosthesis Socket Using Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping 10.00 2013 -2016 Dr. Amit Singh Institute Seed Grant
23. Effective Product Development through Integration of Reverse Engineering & Rapid Prototyping   23.00 3 years
Dr. Amit Singh DST
24. Development of  a Framework for  Managing Agri-fresh Food Supply Chain Quality in Rajasthan 2.43 2015 Dr. Gunjan Soni State Institute of Agricultural Management
25. IRES: US-India Collaborative Research in Mechanical, Biomedical, and Materials Science Engineering for Undergraduates. 12 2015 Dr. Harlal Singh Mali National Science Foundation (NSF) USA
26. Work Motion and Time Study of MNERGA activities 18.97 2014 Prof. Awadhesh Bhardwaj
Prof. A.S. Jethoo
Prof. M.P. Poonia
Govt. of Rajasthan
27. Capacity building in Renewable Energy 50.00 2014-2017 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (GOI)
28. Indo-US JCERDC-CBERD Project 118.760 2014 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur IUSSTF
29. Experimental Study of Flat Plate Solar Collector (Direct absorption type) Using Nano-Fluids 11.95 2014 Dr G D Agrawal DST
30. Gainful utilization of stone waste in the state of Rajasthan- CDOS-Stone Chair 100 2014-2019

Prof. R. Nagar

Dr. Amar Patnaik
Dr. Harlal Singh Mali
Dr. Pawan Kalla
Centre for Development of Stones, Jaipur
31. Development of Ti-Al-N based coating on Al-alloy for application in hydroturbine blades (PI) 18.90 2016-2019

Dr. Amar Patnaik

Prof. I.K.Bhat
Prof. S.K.Biswas
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
32. Development of Ceramic Armour Panels To Stanag 4569 Level-4  For Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) 19 2015-2017

Prof. S.K.Biswas

Dr. Amar Patnaik

Prof. I.K.Bhat
Prof. Upender Pandel
Ordnance Development Council, Ordnance Factory Medak, Yeddumalaram-
33. Economic production of iron through direct reduction of Mill Scale by low grade coal of Rajasthan 166 2015-2018

Prof. M.K.Banerjee

Dr. Amar Patnaik
Dr. Vinod Kumar
Ministry of Steel, New Delhi
34. Development of Marble dust Filled Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite for Wind Turbine Blade  81 2016-2019

Dr. Amar Patnaik

Prof. I.K.Bhat

Prof. S.K.Biswas

Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur
Prof. Awadhesh Bhardwaj
State S&T Councils, Department of Science and Technology
35. Technology Business Incubator 450 2016-2021 Prof. Awadhesh Bhardwaj

Dr. Monica Sharma

Dr. Amar Patnaik
TBI, DST New Delhi

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