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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Department of Management Studies
Alumni Testimonials
Name: ABHISHEK GOYAL No image available
Batch: 2013-2015
Designation: Head Micro Market - Malaysia
Company: OYO Hotels and Homes
Testimonials: I feel proud to introduce my Alma Mater- DMS MNIT Jaipur across my personal and professional network. The MBA programme is strategically designed to edify the students with practical aspects of real-world corporate cases, Which not just only educate the students but also give them a hand of a pre-read and proactive approach to deal appropriately with real-time situations for quintessential results to add value to at large. Comprehensively designed curriculum with faculties with subject expertise is a rare combination to find. MBA from DMS MNIT Jaipur is highly recommended!!

Name: MD SOHAIB FARAZ No image available
Batch: 2013-2015
Designation: Managing Director
Company: Columbus English Academy, Bhagalpur, Bihar
Testimonials: I feel proud that I was one of the student of DMS-MNIT. The department has made me gain knowledge and solid experience of issues like business ethics, personality and professionalism. I would definitely recommend the MBA programme at DMS-MNIT because its a good value for anyone who wants  to succeed in management and organisational leadership

Name: Mr. Abhishek Sharma No image available
Batch: 2013-2015
Designation: Specialist Officer - Strategic Plannin
Testimonials: MNIT Jaipur is one of the best B-schools in the country. The college has a great campus life, and the infrastructure is really awesome. The curriculum is very well designed, covers theory and practical both, peer group helps in enhanced learning. Opportunities are huge and the pedagogy is developed to train students into world class professionals. There is a full opportunity to interact with faculty and students and alumni from a wide variety of cultures and industries. This helps you to build a strong industry network with the right people and you will able to develop insights to many things like problem solving, industry metrics and future business partnerships too

Name: Mr. Rahul Shahi No image available
Batch: 2013-2015
Designation: Relationship Manager
Company: Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited.
Testimonials: I am proud to call myself MNIT-DMS alumnus . At DMS, I developed an array of qualities that are imperative to be a successful management professional. The time spent here had an amazing influence on my personality. The faculty at DMS is highly experienced both in terms of academia and industry experience. I would always be grateful to DMS for giving me multi dimensional learning by providing the apt mix of academics , industry exposure , attitude and leadership. "DMS will bring you the opportunity to make a difference

Name: Ms. ALISHA BRAL No image available
Batch: 2015-2017
Testimonials: My Alma Mater DMS-MNIT has always excited me and feel privileged to be sharing with you all. Over here, one can expect pure expansion of knowledge with such an encouraging environment. DMS-MNIT never fails to enrich its students with such amazing experiences to build yourself into one of the finest professionals. Kudos to those numerous lectures, seminar, life changing sessions, personality building classes for making me what I am today

Name: Ms. Anubha Bachhety No image available
Batch: 2015-2017
Company: Zillion Analytics Pvt. Ltd
Testimonials: It gives me immense pleasure to call myself MNIT - DMS Alumni and even more in sharing the best institutional experience of my life. MNIT is "THE" place for the kind of exposure one is looking for. Of course you must be a go-getter but having said that it gives you opportunities to really try your hand in almost everything. Best in class faculties with complete support whenever and wherever required. Also, was fortunate enough to get selected among the top 30 Indian students to go to JAPAN and represent DMS there. MNIT - DMS has played a pivotal in making me what I am today

Name: Ms. ISHITA GUPTA No image available
Batch: 2010-2012
Designation: DIRECTOR
Testimonials: The 2 years I spent at DMS not only led me to a successful business career but also helped shape my personality and outlook towards life. The exemplary management faculties ensured that as novice learners we nurture interest in all subjects in the best way possible. The most unforgettable part was the concept of guest lectures wherein we got mentored by industrialists and academic experts. Studying at DMS MNIT has truly been a valuable learning experience for me

Name: Ms. RITIKA SHARMA No image available
Batch: 2011-2013
Company: Kromberg & Schubert GmbH, Renningen (Stuttgart, Germany)
Testimonials: At DMS, I found everything to build my Personality even stronger. Getting to work with people from different working backgrounds and cultures enabled me to shape my outlook. Experienced Faculty with their case based studies helped me to gain deep insights into varied aspects of Management. Representing DMS at various Events was always a Proud moment for me. The joy of accomplishing something for the Department was reflected throughout the Management, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff and fellow students. It was this Bond of working together as a Team, which I think made my journey at DMS really special. Whatever I learned, I still find it useful for my Personal & Professional Life and cannot thank the Faculty enough for their guidance and support. They provided me a platform, from which I have always looked higher towards the Sky, even if it is not the limit

Name: Ms. SHIKHA MATHUR No image available
Batch: 2013-2015
Designation: SR. Program Manager
Company: OYO ROOMS
Testimonials: DMS MNIT has a very wonderful faculty, and they are very cooperative. The relation between faculty and the student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel further. The two years spent here was splendid and has helped me excel professionally as well as personally. Apart from academic, the department offers various opportunity to enjoy our college days which was attracting us towards college many of the time.

Name: Rahul Kumar No image available
Batch: 2015-2017
Designation: Research Analyst
Company: Allied Market Research, Pune
Testimonials: I enjoyed both the academic and non-academic life at campus; be it the rigorous assignments, class discussions, seminars, group work, lazy time spent dreaming about future, placement preparations, late night exam preparations with friends in the hostel. Its an honour to be associated with such a great institution-DMS, MNIT, Jaipur

Name: Sanjay Fuloria No image available
Batch: 1997-1999
Designation: General Manager
Company: Cognizant Technology Solutions, Hyderabad.
Testimonials: Our classes started in February 1997 and ended in January 1999. Back then, our institute was called CMSIC, MREC. I had great teachers at DMS, great batchmates and a lovely atmosphere. We used to play sports and a lot of renowned personalities were invited for lectures. I am thankful to DMS for shaping me into the person I am. I would always be indebted to DMS for that

Name: SHIKHA KOOLWAL No image available
Batch: 2010-2012
Designation: Head HR
Company: Simson Pharma
Testimonials: I wake up every day with pride because I am a part of something bigger than I would have ever dreamed of. Yes I am a "MNIT Alumni". It is virtually impossible to compete todays global professionalism without the best institutional experiences. We were pawns in our 1st year, Ministers in the 2nd year but today we all are king/queen of our professional life. Its all because of the guidance and knowledge provided by our mentors. By the grace of God I got the Best Mentors in the institute to shape up my future. MNIT gave the wings to my dreams.

Name: Sumeet Pareek No image available
Batch: 2016-18
Designation: Assistant Manager
Company: Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt. Ltd.
Testimonials: MBA is a professional course & it is not wrong to say that DMS-MNIT is the perfect place where one can find all the ingredients that bring out highly qualified managers. My personal experience at DMS-MNIT was quite a learning curve with a lot of stages such as communications skills, practical exposure, decision-making exercises, building a broader mindset, critical problem solving, etc. DMS-MNIT is not just a place where you read books; instead, it is a place where you get exposed to managerial tools that help you become not only a manager but a credible leader. It provides you opportunistic platforms where you can embed yourself with leadership skills. Faculty of DMS-MNIT are so intellectual that helps a student grow as managers


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