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Sunday, 17 October 2021

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Facilities: Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is one of the foundation departments in this institute. It has nine laboratories. Most of the laboratories cater not only to undergraduate and Post Graduate courses but also to research work in the form of sponsored research project, industrial consultancy, postgraduate dissertation, doctoral dissertation and B.Tech.project work.
  1. pH meter
  2. potentiostat
  3. corrosion testing equipment
  1. Carbon-sulphur determinator
  2. Disc polishing machine
  3. Torque meter
  1. Dodge car cut section model
  2. 2-stroke and 4-strock petrol and diesel engines
  1. Disc polishing machine
  2. Induction Furnace
  3. Tubular controlled atmosphere furnace
  4. Muffle furnaces
  5. Salt bath furnaces
  6. High temperature viscometer
  7. Atomic absorption spectrometer
  8. Optical microscopes
  9. Automatic polishing machine
  10. Pin-on-disc wear testing machine
  11. Tabor tester
  1. Hydraulic powder metallurgy press
  2. Pusher type sintering furnace
  3. High energy ball mills
  1. Universal testing machine (computerized)
  2. Microhardness testing machine
  3. Impact testing machine
  4. Formability testing machine
  1. Cold rolling mill
  2. Flotation cell
  1. Rolling machine
  2. Shaper machine
  3. Drilling machine
  4. Lathe machine
  5. Forging machine
  1. Flat plate collector
  2. Solar concentrator
  3. PV energy system
  4. Solarimeter
  5. Modelling and simulation software
  6. Thermal scanner
  7. Flue gas analyser
  8. Energy simulation software
  9. CFD software


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