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Friday, 06 December 2019

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

The department has been actively engaged in research and consultancy work relate to the areas of specialization available. Following R&D projects have been completed/ ongoing in the department:

S. No. Project Title Total Outlay (Lacs) Year Investigators Funding Agency
01. Development of Al alloys 0.30 1988 Prof. P. R. Soni UGC
02. Matte-Slag Interaction and Copper losses during Flash Smelting 11.98 1990 Prof. Upender Pandel Hindustan Copper Limited, Khetri
03. Development and Characterization of Continuous casting mould fluxes 05.00 2000 Prof. UpenderPandel AICTE
04. Study of tribological behavior of cast aluminium base alloys   2000 Prof. Ashok Sharma MHRD
05. Development of high strength Al-base alloys   2000 Prof. Ashok Sharma IIF, National R&D Centre, Bangalore
06. Quality Upgradation of Aluminium Base Materials by Surface Treatment   2001 Prof. Ashok Sharma MHRD
07. Development of lab for advance coating by Plasma and Laser techniques. 09.00 2002 Prof. Upender Pandel MHRD
08. Construction with regard to quality of materials   2003 Prof. A. K. Bhargava Ramakrishna Contractor (P) Ltd., Jaipur
09. Technical report on Manufacturing processes   2003 Prof. A. K. Bhargava Jaipur Mineral Development Sindicate (P) Ltd., Jaipur
10. Development of Aluminium-Titanium-Carbon Master alloy for the Grain Refiner of Cast Aluminium-Silicon Base Alloys   2004 Prof. Ashok Sharma Institution of Engineers(India)
11. Development of Aluminium-3%Titanium-0.15%Carbon Grain Refiner for Cast Aluminium-Silicon Alloys   2004 Prof. Ashok Sharma IIF, National R&D Centre,Hyderabad
12. To study the effect of Al-Ti-C Master Alloys on Grain Refinement Microstructure and Properties of Aluminium Foundry Alloys   2005 Prof. Ashok Sharma MHRD
13. Modernization of Powder Metallurgy laboratory 10.00 2005 Prof. P.R. Soni MHRD
14. MODROB project for modernization corrosion laboratory 07.00 2005 Dr.Munan Mandira MHRD
15. Development of discontinuously reinforced P/M aluminum composites for automotive & allied field 14.00 2006 Prof. P.R. Soni MHRD
16. Synthesis & Characterization of Nano-Crystalline Ni-p Coating on aluminium     Prof. Ashok Sharma IE(I)
17. Effect of Strain Induced Melt Activation (SIMA) Process on Microstructure and Properties of A356 Al Alloys     Prof. Ashok Sharma UGC Networking Resource Centre for Materials IIScBanglore
18. Study of Metallurgical Aspects of Nitronic Steel for Under Water Part Applications     Prof. Ashok Sharma Central Power Research Institute


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