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Monday, 06 July 2020

Department of Metallurgical & Material Engineering
S. No. Project Director Title of the project Funding Agency Amount (Lacs) Duration
1 Dr. Sreekumar Vadakke Madam Fabrication of Metal Matrix Nano Composite for precision machining applications TEQIP 2.00 2019-2020
2 Dr. RAJENDRA KUMAR GOYAL Development of Low Cost High Performance Polymer Matrix Nanocomposites for EMI/Microwave Absorption Applications TEQIP-III 4.00 2019-2020
3 Dr. Vijay Navaratna Nadakuduru Synthesis of bulk submicrocrystalline Ni-Ti based shape memory alloys by Mechanical alloying and Spark Plasma Sintering Research Grant MNIT Jaipur TEQIP-III 1.85 2019-2020
4 Dr. Jyotirmaya Kar Tailor blank welding of interstitial free steel sheets by electron beam welding process TEQIP-III 4.00 2019-2020
5 Dr. Ajaya Kumar Pradhan Combined effect of melt thermal treatment and grain modifier on hypoeutectic and hypereutectic aluminium-silicon alloy TEQIP-III 2.30 2019-2020
6 Dr. Jyotirmaya Kar Study on Dissimilar Joints Like Aluminium to Steel, Inconel to Ti-6Al-4V, and Zircaloy-4 to Steel Produced by High Energy Density Welding Processes Like EBW and LBW DST 35.00 2018-2023
7 Dr. Upender Pandel Reducing power consumption Increasing the yield of the casting through induction melting. SHREE VAIBHAV METACAST PVT LTD Jaipur 2.30 2017-2017
8 Dr. RAJENDRA KUMAR GOYAL Polymer/Ceramic Nanocomposites Substrate for Microwave Communication Applications Alumni-COEP 1.50 2017-2018
9 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Duchaniya Tribological studies of electroless Ni-P-nano TiO2 coating on the steel substrate DST Rajasthan 3.25 2017-2020
10 Dr. RAJENDRA KUMAR GOYAL Optimization of milling time to get spherical powder Sunshell Pvt. Ltd 1.35 2016-2016
11 Dr. Vijay Navaratna Nadakuduru Novel synthesis and formability of ultrafine grained Ti-46Al-1B (at%) alloy SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH BOARD (SERB), DST 36.43 2016-2020
12 Dr. Sampad Kumar Biswas Effect of microstructure on shock behaviour of SiC ceramics for armor application DRDO 38.00 2016-2019
13 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Duchaniya Quenching behavior of bottom-flooded molten pool BRNS,BARC 35.00 2016-2019
14 Dr. Sampad Kumar Biswas DEVELOPMENT OF CERAMIC ARMOUR PANELS Min. Of Defence 19.00 2015-2016
15 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Duchaniya Mixing Of Silver With Iron SHREE KAUSHALYAS GEMS 2.00 2015-2015
16 Dr. Vinod Kumar Economic production of iron through direct reduction of Mill Scale by low grade coal of Rajasthan Ministry of Steels 166.00 2015-2018
17 Dr. Vinod Kumar Synthesis and characterization of high entropy alloys DST, Government of India 17.86 2014-2017
18 Dr. Upender Pandel Improving the quality of Aluminum-Silicon alloys Automotive casting through Grain Refinement ALUCAST Pune 1.00 2014-2015
19 Dr. Upender Pandel Effect of microstructure on shock behavior of SiC ceramics of armor application,DRDO DRDO 38.00 2014-2018
20 Dr. Vinod Kumar Synthesis and environmental degradation study of multicomponent alloy for high temperature application BRNS 16.15 2014-2017
21 Dr. RAJENDRA KUMAR GOYAL Investigation on failed Polymeric Fan Cummins Technologies India Limited 0.45 2014-2014
22 Dr. RAJENDRA KUMAR GOYAL Investigation on PP-Metal Composites Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt. Ltd., Pune 4.00 2014-2015
23 Dr. RAJENDRA KUMAR GOYAL Fabrication and characterization of Low Cost Novel Three-Phase Polymer Nanocomposites for Embedded Capacitors Applications AICTE 20.00 2013-2016
24 Dr. Upender Pandel Development of MoSi2 heating rod element for high temperature furnace, Naskar and Company, Kolkatta NASKAR & Company Kolkata 17.50 2013-2015
25 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Duchaniya Synthesis of ZnO-CdO nanocomposite for CO gas sensing DST Rajasthan 0.11 2012-2013
26 Dr. RAJENDRA KUMAR GOYAL Development of High Performance Polycarbonate/ Graphite Nanocomposites with Low Percolation for EMI Shielding Application ISRO 10.33 2011-2013
27 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Duchaniya Testing of Gal-Volume Sheet Dhanshree construction DRM(Works) NWR, Jaipur 0.17 2010-2010
28 Dr. RAJENDRA KUMAR GOYAL Fabrication and Electrical Properties of Low Cost High Performance Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites UGC 10.88 2009-2012
29 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Duchaniya Synthesis and characterization study of Nano-Crystalline Ni-P Coating on Aluminium Institution of Engineers (India) 0.60 2007-2008
30 Dr. Upender Pandel Development of lab for advance coating by Plasma and Laser techniques MHRD New Delhi 9.00 1999-2002
31 Dr. Upender Pandel Development and Characterization of Continuous casting mould fluxes, AICTE New Delhi AICTE New Delhi 5.00 1997-1999
32 Dr. Upender Pandel Microwave as a probe to Estimate Metal in its Ore through the Study of Particulate Behavior of Basic Electronic Materials, DST, Rajasthan DST Rajasthan 2.88 1995-1998


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