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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Materials Research Centre
PEOs (Programme Educational Objectives) for M. Tech. (Materials Science and Engineering) PEO1. Evaluate the performance of material systems using the relationship between structures, properties and processing.
PEO2. Characterize materials and carry out research on advanced materials.
PEO3. Design and develop effective and eco-friendly materials for generic and strategic applications.
PEO4. Pursue life-long learning by enhancing knowledge and skills for professional advancement.

POs (Programme Outcomes) for M. Tech. (Materials Science and Engineering) PO1. An ability to independently carry out research /investigation and development work to solve practical problems.
PO2. An ability to communicate, write and present a substantial technical report/document effectively.
PO3. An ability to demonstrate a degree of mastery over materials science and engineering, at a level higher than the requirements in the appropriate Bachelor's program
PO4. An ability to design, innovate and characterize materials for real applications, in multidisciplinary teams.
PO5. An ability to apply sophisticated Materials characterization techniques for solving complex material problems.


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