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Sunday, 17 October 2021

Materials Research Centre
S. No.Project DirectorTitle of the projectFunding AgencyAmount (Lacs)Duration
1 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Track etched membrane based bimetallic nanowires for hydrogen sensing IUAC-UGC, New Delhi 7.00 2021-2024
2 Dr. Himmat Singh Kushwaha Development of Optoelectrochemical sensor for detection of Ions and Pesticides in Drinking & Irrigation Water DST (WTI) 50.44 2020-2023
3 Dr. Nisha Verma A new approach for improving efficiency of half heusler (HH) alloys- Double HH TEQIP III, MNIT Jaipur 3.00 2019-2020
4 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Optical and structural properties of defects in rare earth implanted ZnO nanostructures IUAC-UGC, New Delhi 7.00 2019-2022
5 Dr. Bhagwati Sharma Development of Nanoscale Metal-Organic Frameworks (NMOFs) and Coordination Polymer Particles (CPPs) for Application as Nanozymes TEQIP III, MNIT Jaipur 4.00 2019-2020
6 Dr. Ragini Gupta Development of Novel Sorbent material for removal of Radionuclides from water DRDO, Jodhpur 9.95 2018-2020
7 Dr. Himmat Singh Kushwaha Solar Redox Flow Batteries DST 35.00 2018-2023
8 Dr. Kanupriya Sachdev Irradiation studies on Mg Silicide based films for thermoelectric applications. IUAC, New Delhi 10.00 2018-2020
9 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Self-assembled nanoporous block copolymer membranes for gas separation Science and Engineering Research Board 28.60 2017-2020
10 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Encapsulate Nanostructured Metal Oxides for Gas Sensing Applications, DST New Delhi 29.48 2017-2021
11 Dr. Kanupriya Sachdev Thermoelectric Properties of Mg2(SiSn) and SiSn alloy with Trivalent and Pentavalent Doping India-Taiwan S&T cooperative programme (CFP) 25.00 2016-2020
12 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Self-Assembled Block copolymer Nanotemplates for Optoelectronics DST New Delhi under DST Women Scientist to Ms. Yogita Kumari (Ph.D. Student) 17.00 2015-2018
13 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Functionalization of nanochannels in track etched membranes for gas separation/sensing IUAC-UGC, New Delhi 7.00 2014-2017
14 Dr. Ragini Gupta Development of Novel Artificial Naked Eye Fluoride ion Receptors DST-WTI 33.00 2013-2017
15 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Block Copolymer Based Nanoporous Polymer Membranes: Engineering and Applications DST, New Delhi 35.00 2012-2017
16 Dr. Ragini Gupta Synthesis of Heterobioconjugates as Possible Drug Candidates Using Click Chemistry Approach DST (Raj.) 13.96 2011-2013
17 Dr. Ragini Gupta Click Chemistry and its Applications in Drug Discovery (Student Project) DST (Raj.) 0.10 2010-2011
18 Dr. Ragini Gupta Catalysis and Nano-catalysis for Green Organic Transformations (Student Project) DST (Raj.) 0.10 2010-2011
19 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Nanostructured Block Copolymer Templates for Gas Separation Alexander von Humboldt Foundation 40.00 2010-2012
20 Dr. Ragini Gupta Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds using Green Chemistry Techniques (Student Project) DST (Raj) 0.10 2010-2011
21 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Track etched polymeric membranes for energy and biological applications DST, NEW Delhi 20.04 2008-2013
22 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Ion transport through track etched polymeric membranes Nuclear Science Centre, New Delhi 0.00 2004-2007


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