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Sunday, 05 April 2020

Department of Physics
There are mostly experiments from optics and modern physics. It contains the experiments based on understanding fundamentals to advanced levels in the laboratory. The experiments include Newton’s rings, Biprism, Hall effect, Planck’s constant, and fourprobe method for resistivity measurement.
There are three P.G. Labs in the Department catering to first three semesters of M.Sc programme. In addition, there is a computer lab in the Department for M. Sc. students. In the first semester the experiments are mainly based on Electronic circuits and Design consisting of FET amplifier , operational amplifier , oscillators and vibrators etc. In second semester the experiments are from Nuclear physics and Atomic and Molecular physics. Third semester experiments include Microwaves and fiber optics experiments.

The Department has the following research laboratory:

Materials Research Laboratory:
The laboratory has the following facilities for carrying out research work in materials science:
  1. High vacuum coating unit
  2. Potentiostat- Galvanostat for corrosion studies
  3. High vacuum tubular furnace up to 12000C
  4. Optical microscope
  5. Ultrasonic Cleaner
  6. Spin Coater
  7. Magnetic Stirrers (2 nos.)
  8. Mass Flow Controller
  9. Hydraulic Press
  10. Resistivity Measurement set up
  11. Gas sensing set

Emergency Numbers
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