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Friday, 19 January 2018

Tie ups with Foreign Universities
  1. MoU between Universiti Teknologi Malayia (UTM) and MNIT
  2. MoU between OstbayerischeTechnischeHochschuleAmberg-Weiden (OTH) and MNIT
  3. MoU between University of Calgary and MNIT
  4. MoU between University of Birmingham and MNIT
  5. MoU between University of Saskatchwan and MNIT
  6. MoU between Linkdping University, Sweden and MNIT
  7. MoU between Lassonde, York University and MNIT
  8. MoU between Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux, France and MNIT
  9. MoU between Minnan Normal University China and MNIT
  10. MoU Between Medine Limited and MNIT Jaipur
  11. MoU Between Faculty of natural Science & technology, Department of Materials Science Engineering, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology and MNIT Jaipur
  12. MoU Between Florida International University USA and MNIT Jaipur
  13. Deakin University
  14. Mou Between University of saskatchewan and MNIT Jaipur
  15. MoU Between NDSU FARGO, USA and MNIT Jaipur
  16. MoU Between India and Helsinki University of Technology, Finland University of Oulu, Finland Tampere University of Technology and Consortium of NIT
  17. MoU Between India and Faurea University of Applied Sciences and Consortium of NIT
  18. MoU Between North Dakota University and MNIT jaipur
  19. MoU Between Stevens Institute of Technology and MNIT Jaipur
  20. MoU Between University of Greenwich, Landon and MNIT Jaipur
  21. MoU Between Univerdity of Dundee (U. K.) and MNIT Jaipur

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