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Tuesday, 07 December 2021

Creative Arts & Cultural Society
MNIT CACS (Creative Arts & Cultural Society) provides a platform for students to explore their talent, enhancing leadership quality and teamwork. It encourages students to showcase their extracurricular abilities. Events are organized throughout the semester and students are invited to participate in these events. Best entries of each event are showcased during the annual fest BLITZSCHLAG.
MNIT CACS is a multi-faceted group and consists of smaller societies specific to drama, music, dance, photography, coding skills, etc. Students enroll in the society of their choice at the beginning of the odd semester, regular classes are held every week and at the end of the year, students are graded according to their level of participation in the group activities.
The various clubs working under the Creative arts society are as follows:
This club is an integral part of our Creative Arts Society. It is a one stop destination for all the music lovers. Be it singing, dancing or instrumentals the club provides efficient lessons, activities and events for the students associated with the club. Music club has organized various events in the past like Taal, Symphony, Dum charades, Antaakshari among others. Music club has also been linked with professional academies of Jaipur organizing workshops for the students to learn various styles of dance. Most importantly the club provides a stress-free and relaxing environment for the students to escape from the academic hum drum. The classes held every week allow ample time for the students to learn the form of dancing or singing or instrumentals that they have interest in.
The club also has a wing for Spic Macay, which aims at preserving the country culture and heritage. Events are held regularly like kawalis, sitar wadan , tanpura wadan etc. Renowned celebrities are also invited regularly in campus for the revitalization of our country's cultural heritage and pride. Students get to witness an assorted milieu of Indian culture and it sensitizes them to its unfortunate decline.
Dramatics is another club at MNIT Jaipur which sees an overwhelming participation. It offers many opportunities for students interested in acting, directing, stage managing, writing, and designing or building sets, lights, sound, and costumes. The club is named DIL- Drama Is Life and organizes events like Mad Ads, Perpendicular Situation, Improv Comedy, etc. Apart from it the dramatics team participates in the cultural fests of other college.
One of the most creative segments of the creative arts society. The group aims at improving the creative aspects and innovative skills of budding engineers. Various activities such as crafts and designing are inculcated in the duration of the year. This provides a good platform for the students to learn new tricks and put them into use during the various college fests. Faculty is also actively associated with the club and students are always under the supervision of the experienced. For more details please Click here
This is one more club which is actively working under the Creative Arts Society. In this club also students from different branches and years take part. This group is basically for all those geeks who are very much interested in coding and stuff like ethical hacking, making phishing pages or about the designing of a web page. Also the students enrolled are given information about the techno-stuff capable of holding anybody's imagination ranging from topics as varied as the working of the ticket system of Delhi's Metro or the working of the GSM system in one's mobile. A lot of coding and other technical competitions are organized by the society throughout the year.
It works towards enhancement of photographic skills of the students. College invites professional photographers from time to time to share their experiences with the students. The students relish good vigorous tutorials improving photographic skills. This club annually organizes 'Moments', a photography competition comprising of various categories in which students' entries are judged and the best ones rewarded. This group consists of all those people who are willing to take the initiative for the betterment of society. As the name of this Group suggests this group is working for a Greener tomorrow in the society by taking small initiatives in the MNIT campus. Regular meetings are being held by the students under the guidance of the concerned professors in order to decide what steps are to be taken next by them. This is a group consisting of students from the campus who love to live in harmony with nature.
For more details please Click here
As the name indicates this club deals in the field of literature. It carves all the poetic and artistic minds of the institute. Events like kavi sammelan, hindi saptah, essay writing, poetry competitions etc are routinely organized by the literary club and faculty plays a pivotal role in the improvement of the students. The regular classes also involve debates, group discussion, extempore and students are taught the tricks of overcoming stage fear, be comfortable with public speaking, skills very much required in today's world.
The objective of the 'Vyaktitva Srijan' Club is to help in overall development of the students. The club will provide a platform to the students to organize academic & social activities, yoga and meditation sessions, lectures etc. so that they can prepare themselves for a successful and satisfying life in harmony with society and nature.
Student Mentorship Program, (SMP) is a program within the MNIT Jaipur Student Community, with the primary objective of enabling constructive and positive interaction, guidance and Mentorship of junior students by senior students. The vision of the program is "to inculcate the right attitude start from the beginning".
Mentoring is a particular form of relationship designed to provide personal and professional support to an individual. The mentor is generally more experienced than the Mentee and makes use of that experience in a facilitative way to support the overall development of the Mentee. The mentoring relationship provides a developmental opportunity for both parties and can thus be of mutual benefit. In a nutshell, a student mentor's role may be perceived to be facilitative, supportive and developmental for the student community in general and the first year students in particular. Our mentoring relationships are complemented by a series of pre-planned skill building activities, social events and special opportunities to add balance and support to the first year college student experience.
Going away to college can be an exciting time, yet many students are apprehensive about the various challenges that await them upon entrance to college. Being active in Mentorship allows students to take advantage of great opportunities that first-year students don't notice until their sophomore or junior year. Mentorship helps students build networks with other students; faculty and staff who can help make the most of their undergraduate career.
Mentorship connects first-year undergraduate students with senior undergraduate who know what it means to be a new student on campus.
NSS volunteers generally work with villages, slums and voluntary agencies to complete 120 hours of regular activities during an academic year. As per the fundamental principles of National Service Scheme, a volunteer is expected to remain in constant touch with the community. Hence, it is of vital importance that a particular village/slum is selected for implementation of NSS programmes. Also programmes like Blood Donation Camps, Swachh Bharat Camps etc are organized.

Even though a student can be enrolled only in one society at a time, he/she is free to attend the classes and participate in events of all the societies.
For students of second and third year, holding managerial posts gives them an insight into the working of a small group and helps them identify and counter the challenges associated this. Needless to say, the college faculty and administration are always there to provide guidance and encouragement. Thus, through these societies our students learn essential managerial and entrepreneurial skills while having fun.
The skills acquired through the Creative Arts Society are utilized in the various fests that the college witnesses round the year. Thus, making CrAs an essential component of the MNIT culture.


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