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Monday, 01 June 2020

Programme for Weak Students
Programme Department Date Students benefited
Personality Development Workshop Humanities and Social Sciences 02-03 Aug. 2013 100
Two days Workshop on Etiquettes and Skills Development for Interviews Building Placement and Training Cell 26-27 Oct. 2013 250
Finishing School for  Engineering Students Management Studies 9-13 Dec. 2013 70

Assistance for Research Activities
Name of Students (UG/PG) Purpose Department Faculty Supervisor
Vishwaraj Singh
Dadasaheb Kadam
Testing at MRC, OES, XRD, hardness etc. Metallurgical and Materials Engg. Dr. V. K. Sharma
Parul Yadav Synthesis and Characterization of Electrodes Ni-P Coating and Electrodes Ni- P-TiO2 Composite Coating on Mild Steel Metallurgical and Materials Engg. Dr. R.K. Duchaniya

STTP/ Workshop Participated
Name of Student (UG/PG) Department Topic Date Institute Remark
Basant Agarwal Computer Science & Engg. Sentiment Analysis where AI meets Psychology 8-15 Dec. 2012 IIT Bombay Paper present
Kailash Chaudhary
Pradeep Kumar
Mechanical Engg. Advance Engineering Optimization through Intelligent Techniques 22-26 Sep. 2014 SVNIT Surat STTP
Manoj Gupta Mechanical Engg. Computational Methods in Vibration & Acoustics (IWCMVA-2015) 16-21 Mar. 2015 ISM Dhanbad Workshop
Mr. Gaurav Bhanshali
Mr. Saurabh Agarwal
Electrical Engg.
Computer Sci. & Engg.
Design Analysis and Control of PEM Fuel cell for stand-alone- applications 01-02 Mar. 2014 MANIT Bhopal Paper present

Conferences Participated
Name of Students (UG/PG) Title Date India/Abroad
Shailendra Kumar Tripathi 5th International Conf. CONFLUENCE 2014 25-26 Sep. 2014 Amity University, Noida, UP
Rahul Sen International Conf. Advances in Chemical Engg. and Technology 16-18 Oct. 2014 TKM Collage of Engg., Kollam, Kerala
Sushindra Kumar Gupta 4th International Conf. on Hydrology and Watershed Management 29 Oct. - 01 Nov. 2014 JNU Hyderabad
Sumit Gupta
Rahul Jain
XVIII Annual International Conf. of the Society of Operations Management 12-14 Dec. 2014 IIT Roorkee
Nikhil Deep Gupta 12th International Conf. on Fiber Optics and Photonics 13-16 Dec. 2014 IIT Kharagpur
Surya Prakash A systematic Investigation of Risk Mitigation for Supply Chain Risk Management 28-30 Nov. 2014 Udaipur
Man Mohan Singh Agri-Fresh Food Supply Chain Quality (AFSCQ): A Structured Review 28-30 Nov. 2014 Udaipur
Deepanshu Dheer International Symposium ISSPIT2014 15-17 Dec. 2014 Noida
Sandeep Shrivastava International Conference on Sustainable Civil Infrastructure (ICSCI2014) 17-18 Oct. 2014 IIT Hyderabad
Bhupendra Singh Bhadoria IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research 18-20 Dec. 2014 PCET Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Pankaj Kumar 18th NPSC 2014 18-20 Dec. 2014 IIIT Guwathi
Lokesh Kumar Panwar IEEE Power India International Conference 2014 5-7 Dec. 2014 Delhi Technological University
Srikanth Reddy K. IEEE International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems 15-17 Dec.2014 ABV IIITM Gwalior

Student Research Projects
Name of Project (UG/PG) Department Faculty Supervisor
Brain Computer Interface Electrical Engg. Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Battery Operated Institute Vehicle Mechanical Engg. Dr. Dilip Sharma
Solar Charging Dock Mechanical Engg.l Dr. Dilip Sharma
Student's Innovation Pavilion GRIDTECH-2013 Electrical Engg. Dr. Rajesh Kumar
SAE Efficycle Team Dazzles Mechanical Engg. Dr. Harlal S. Mali
Partial Fabrication of Electric Solar Vehicle Mechanical Engg. Dr. Dilip Sharma
Ground Water Level Estimation and Fabrication Electronics & Communication Engg.
Civil Engg.
Prof. D. Boolchandani
Prof. Rohit Goyal
Fabrication of Furnace Metallurgical and Materials Engg. Dr. Asok Sharma
Dr. U. Pandel
Dr. S. K. Gupta
Sanitary Pad Unit Mechanical Engg. Dr. Harlal S. Mali
Restaurant Management System Electronics & Communication Engg. Dr. Lava Bhargava
SAE Efficycle- 2014 Mechanical Engg. Dr. Harlal S. Mali
Fabrication of all terrain Vehicle (ATV) for SAE BAJA -2015 Mechanical Engg. Dr. S. L. Soni
Dr. Dilip Sharma
Fabrication of Solar Vehicle for ESVC 2014-15 Mechanical Engg. Dr. Amit Singh
Fabrication of Solar Vehicle Mechanical Engg. Dr. Harlal S. Mali
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Exoskeleton Electrical Engg. Dr. Rajesh Kumar
BCI Wheelchair Electrical Engg. Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Quad Copter Electrical Engg. Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Smart meter Electrical Engg. Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Performance Analysis of  Pulsator Clarifier by Developing a Lab Scale Model Civil Engg. Dr. Urmila Brighu

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