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Monday, 18 February 2019

Electronics & ICT Academy
An initiative of: Ministry of Electronics & information Technology (MeitY), Government of India
Academy Training Programmes

Programs organized
We have initiated five programmes in month of Jan-Feb 2016 (details available on website); the schedule for this year 2016 programmes will be publicized through website. The academy targets to train approximately 1600 persons per annum, teachers of various colleges/institutes and industry persons in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, territories of Daman & Diu and Dadara Nagar Haveli. The funding of ministry is available for first four years, and later the academies will be running with financial independence.
The training of faculty members of various institutes would continue with launch of one week/two-weeks Academy training programmes and one/two days Workshops on emerging trends in Electronics & Information Technology and related areas. (indicative areas list attached)

  • Currently offered Prog.
  • FDPs Completed
  • FDPs Planned & forthcoming
  • Forthcoming FDPs co-conducted by all academies

Online registration available till start date of the course. Spot registration are also welcome.

Sr. No. Programme Title Duration Programme coordinator(s) Prospective Experts Details / Brochure
1. Advances in Optical Communication February 09-14, 2019 Prof. Ghanshyam Singh
9549654233 (M)
Dr. Rukhsar Zafar
8058318786 (M)
Dr. Monika Mathur
9460265776 (M)
Dr. Swati Arora
9829036054 (M)
Experts from host MNIT/ IITs/NITs/IIITs/industries Apply Online / Brochure
2. Mixed-Signal CMOS ICs Methodology of Circuit to Chip Design March 06-10, 2019 Prof. D. Boolchandani
Dr. Tarun Varma
Dr. Chitrakant Sahu
Senior Scientist from SCL Chandigarh having more than 10 years of experience in CMOS device/circuit fabrication and chip design Apply Online / Brochure
3. Signal Processing & Data Mining Techniques for Research using MATLAB March 27 - 31, 2019 Dr. Satyasai J. Nanda
Dr. Nithin V. George, IIT Gandhinagar
Prof. Ganapati Panda, IIT Bhubaneswar
Dr. Pyari M. Pradhan, IIT Roorkee
Dr. Sitanshu S. Sahu, BIT Mesra
Apply Online / Brochure

Winter Course
Following FDPs to be organized by all Seven E&ICT Academy

Sr. No. Course Name Principal/Co-principal Coordinating - Academy Local Coordinator Proposed Dates Details / Brochure
1. Introduction to Data Structures and Programming in C IIT Kanpur
NIT Warangal
Dr. E. S. Pilli
M: 95496 58131
Postponed to Summer May / June 2019
    Sr. No. Programme Title Duration Programme coordinator(s) Prospective Experts Details / Brochure
  1. VLSI DSP Architecturess 23-27 January 2016 Dr. Amit M. Joshi, Dr. L. Bhargava & Dr. V. Sahula
  2. Adaptive signal processing 26th Feb- 1st Mar 2016 Dr. S. J. Nanda
  3. SoC & Embedded Systems Design 27th Feb- 2nd March 2016 Dr. Mustaq Ahmed
  4. Parallel Computing & Architectures 20th – 24th March 2016 Dr. E. S. Pilli, Prof. M. C. Govil, Dr. D. Gopalani
  5. One Day Workshop on Open Educational Resources (Prof. D. B. Phatak, IITB) 13th April 2016 Dr. E. S. Pilli & Dr. S. J. Nanda
  6. Dr. L. Bhargava & Dr. C. Periasamy 20th April 2016 Academy Stakeholders' One Day Workshop On Skill development: Adaptive, Collaborative and Effective paradigm (Dr. S. P. Kochhar, CEO, TSSC & Prof. I. K. Bhat, Prof. V. Sinha)
  7. Train the Trainers Programme on Optical Fibre (collaboration with TSSC) Aug 16-18, 2016 Dr. V. Janyani & Dr. G. Singh
  8. Digital CMOS Devices & Circuits September 17-21, 2016 Prof. D. Boolchandani, ECE & Dr. C. Periasamy, ECE
  9. Digital Hardware Design & FPGA Implementation September 3-16, 2016 Dr. Amit M Joshi, ECE & Dr. M.Ravikumar, ECE
  10. Recent trends in Industrial Automation Electronics and Control October 8-12, 2016 Prof. R. A. Gupta, EE & Dr. Vijaykumar K., EE
  11. Photonic Integrated Devices & Systems Nov 07 - Nov 30, 2016 (Evening programme) Dr. Ravi K. Maddila, ECE
    Dr. Ritu Sharma, ECE
    Mr. A. K. Ghunawat, ECE
  12. Communication Channels for Information Transfer (Speaker- Prof. V. Sinha, MNIT Jaipur) Nov 29 - Dec 3, 2016 (Full days) Dr. Ravi K. Maddila, ECE
  13. Recent Advances in Communication Technologies Nov 28 - Dec 03, 2016 (Full days) Dr. Ghanshyam Singh, ECE
    Dr. V. Janyani, ECE
    Dr. Manish Tiwari
  14. Big Data Analytics for Smart Grid Dec 10 – Dec 14, 2016
    Full days
    Dr. Prerna Jain
    Dr. Namita Mittal (CSE)
    Dr. Rohit Bhakar (EE)
    Dr. Dipti Saxena (EE)
  15. Academy Workshop on Modern Embedded Processors December 09, 2016 (Friday)
    10:30 AM - 01:30 PM
    Speaker- Dr. C. P. Ravikumar
  16. Application of Internet of Things(IOT) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering 28th Jan – 01st Feb. 2017 Dr. Vijay Kumar K.
    Dr. C. Perisamy
  17. Synthesis Algorithms for Digital Circuits & Systems 11th -15th Feb. 2017 Dr. Amit M. Joshi,
    Dr. L Bhargava
  18. Principles of Control Systems Engineering : Hands on Experience with MATLAB 25th -29th Mar 2017 Dr. Dipti Saxena,
    Dr. Neeli Satyanarayana
  19. Intensive workshops on Technical Report writing and Authoring of Research Manuscripts with Latex April 14th -16th, 2017 Dr. Amit M. Joshi,
    Dr. M. Ravi Kumar,
    Prof. V. Sahula
  20. Power Electronics for Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Control May 15 - 19, 2017 Dr. Arun Kumar Vermai,
    Dr. Vijay Kumar K.,
  21. Fundamentals of Analog and Digital Communication Systems May 13-22, 2017 Dr. Satyasai J. Nanda
  22. Fundamentals of Computer Networks & Security May 24 - June 02, 2017 Dr. E. S. Pilli
    Dr. Ramesh BabuBattula
  23. FDP on Digital VLSI Circuit Design June 03 - 12, 2017 Dr C Peraswamy
  24. Introduction to Web Development June 13 – 22, 2017 Dr. Arka Prokash Mazumdar
  25. CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design July 12 - 16, 2017 Prof. D. Boolchandani
    Dr. Chitrakant Sahu
  26. Fundamentals of Databases June 23 – July 03, 2017 Dr. Dinesh Gopalani, CSE
    Mr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi
  27. Introduction to data structures & programming in C July 01- 10, 2017 Dr. Vijay Laxmi
    Dr. E. S. Pilli, CSE
    Dr. Santosh Kumar Vipparthi
  28. Introduction to analog & digital communication 13th – 22nd May 2017 Prof. Ratnajit Bhattacharya
    IIT Guwahati
    Dr. S. J. Nanda, ECE
  29. VLSI Digital Circuit design 03rd – 12th Jun 2017 Dr. Sanjeev Manhas,
    IIT Roorkee
    Dr. C. Periasamy, ECE
  30. Introduction to databases 23rd Jun – 02nd Jul 2017 Prof. R. B. V. Subramanyam,
    NIT Warangal
    Dr. Dinesh Gopalani, CSE
  31. Introduction to data structures & programming in C 01st – 10th Jul May 2017 Prof. Aparajita Ojha,
    IIITDM Jabalpur
    Dr. E. S. Pilli, CSE
  32. Network & Security 4th May– 02nd Jun 2017 Prof. M. P. Singh,
    NIT Patna
    Dr. E. S. Pilli, CSE
  33. Web Technologies 13th – 22nd Jun 2017 Dr. Sanjeev Manhas,
    IIT Roorkee
    Dr. S. J. Nanda, ECE
  34. FDP on Parallel Computing September 28 to October 02, 2017 Dr. Santosh Kumar Vipparthi,
    Dr. Pilli Emmanuel Shubhakar,
    Prof. Dinesh Birla [RTU Kota]
    Dr. Mahendra Lalwani, [RTU Kota]
  35. Authoring of manuscripts using Latex Sept-Nov 2017 Dr. Amit Joshi
  36. Concurrent and parallel Programming 28th Sept- 02nd Oct. 2017 2017 Dr. S K Vipparthi & Dr. E S Pilli
  37. FDP on Advance Optimization Techniques (AOT-2017) October 06-15, 2017 Dr. Satyasai Jagannath Nanda,
    Dr. Rajesh Kumar
  38. Workshop on Deep Learning and Parallel Architectures October 26-27, 2017 Dr. Santosh Kumar Vipparthi,
    Dr. Pilli Emmanuel Shubhakar
  39. Workshop on Specifications to silicon: Analog CMOS integrated Circuits design 3 Nov - 5 Nov, 2017 Dr. Boolchandani
    Dr. Chitrakant Sahu
  40. Photonic Integrated Devices & Systems Nov. 22 - 26, 2017 Ashish K. Ghunawat
    Dr. M. Ravi Kumar,
    Dr. G. Singh
  41. Programming (Object Oriented) 20th–29th Nov, 2017 Dr. Emanuel S. Pilli
    Dr. Santosh Vipparthi
  42. 2 Days Workshop on DSP 01st–02nd Dec. 2017 Dr. Lava Bhargava
    Dr. C. Periasamy
  43. 2-days Workshop on "Sensors for Flexible Electronic Applications" 09th–10th Dec. 2017 Dr. Lava Bhargava
    Dr. C. Periasamy
  44. CAD Tool for advanced Digital Design using FPGAs 11th -15th Dec. 2017 Dr. Amit Joshi
  45. VLSI Design Verification 16th – 20th Dec 2017 Dr. V. Sahula
    Dr. Amit Joshi
  46. DSP & Sensors 1st–10th Dec. 2017 Dr. Lava Bhargava
    Dr. C. Periasamy
  47. Power Electronics and Power Systems (Renewable Energy) 11th – 20th Dec. 2017 Dr. Arun Verma
    Dr. Nitin Gupta
  48. FDP on IOT with Machine Learning & Articial Intelligence Jan 20-24, 2018 Dr. Lava Bhargava
  49. ICT tools & technologies for Teaching Learning process & Institutes 03rd - 07th Feb. 2018 Dr. Lava Bhargava, ECE
  50. Advances in Communication Technologies Dr. Ashish Ghunawat,
    Dr. Ravi Maddila
  51. Emerging applications in Image Processing 21st – 25th Feb. 2018 Dr. Renu Kumawat,
    Ms Shilpi Birla,
    Dr. S. J. Nanda
  52. Intelligent Algorithms Application to Deregulated Power System February 23-27, 2018 Dr. Rohit Bhakar(EE)
    Dr. Prerna Jain (EE)
    Dr. Dipti Saxena(EE)
  53. Big Data analytics 17th – 21st Mar. 2018 Dr. Poonam Gera LNMIIT
    Dr. Pilli Emmanuel Shubhakar, CSE, MNIT
    Dr. Bharavi Mishra LNMIIT
  54. FDP on VLSI & Embedded Systems 29th Mar. – 2nd Apr. 2018 Dr. Kusum Lata,
    Dr. Sandeep Saini,
    Dr. Lava Bhargava, MNIT
  55. Emerging Trends in Nano Scale Devices and Circuits April 02-06, 2017 Dr. Chitrakant Sahu,
    Dr. Amit M. Joshi
  56. Big Data Analytics 21st - 25th May 2018 Dr. Namita Mittal
  57. Digital VLSI Systems Design & implementation 15th - 19th May 2018 Dr. Anand Darji
    Dr. Amit M. Joshi, MNIT
  58. Digital CMOS Circuits & Devices 22th – 26th May 2018 Dr. Anand Darji,
    Dr. C. Periasamy, MNIT
    Dr. Rasika Dhavse,
  59. VLSI Design Verification 26th - 30th May 2018 Prof. Vineet Sahula
  60. Electric Vehicle 28th May - 01st June 2018 Dr. Nitin Gupta
  61. AI and Machine Learning 04th - 08th June 2018 Dr. Ramesh B. Battula
  62. ANN and Deep Learning 11th - 15th June 2018 Dr. Santosh Vipparthi
  63. 5G Communications 11th - 15th June 2018 Dr. Ravi Kumar Maddila
  64. Internet of Things (IoT) 18th - 22th June 2018 Dr. Arka P. Mazumdar
  65. Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure 16th – 20th July 2018 Dr. Arun Kumar Verma EE
  66. Smart Electronic Systems & IoT for Smart City July 30 - Aug 03, 2018 Dr. Amit M. Joshi
    Dr. Chitrakant Sahu ECE
  67. FDP on Selected topics in Control System Theory - Fundamentals, Advances and Future Directions August 09-13, 2018 Dr. Neeli Satyanarayana,
    Dr. Rajesh Kumar
  68. Computation Techniques in Optics and Photonics 20-25 August 2018 Dr. Ritu Sharma,
    Dr. Aashish Gunawat,
    Prof. Ghanshyam Singh,
    Prof. Vijay Janyani, ECE MNIT
    1. Prof Anurag Sharma, IIT Delhi
    2. Dr. Rajendra Kumar, IIT Delhi
    3. Dr. Manish Mathew, CEERI Pilani
    4. Dr. Ayan Kumar Bandyopadhyay, CEERI Pilani
  69. Advanced Optimization Techniques (AOT) 2-week FDP
    12 – 21 Oct. 2018
    Prof. Rajesh Kumar, EE,
    Dr. Kusum Verma, EE,
    Dr. Rajeev Dohare, Chem,
    Dr. Gunjan Soni. Mech.
    Prof. B. K. Panigrahi, IIT Delhi
    Dr. Indrajit Mukherjee, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay
    Dr. J.C. Bansal, South Asian University, New Delhi
    Dr. B.K. Rout, Associate Professor, BITS Pilani
    Dr. M.Kundu, Professor, NIT Rourkela
    & others from host MNIT/ IITs/NITs/IIITs/industries
  70. Modeling & simulation of Custom Power Devices for Power Quality Improvement 19th -23rd Nov. 2018 Dr. Nitin Gupta
    Prof. R. A. Gupta EE
  71. Energy & Power System Optimization using GAMS January 08-12, 2019 Dr. Rohit Bhakar (CEE)
    Dr. Prerna Jain (EE)
    Experts from host MNIT/ IITs/NITs/IIITs/industries Brochure
    S. No. Programme Title Schedule Programme coordinator(s) Details / Brochure
    1. Emerging Trends in Nano Scale Devices and Circuits 2nd week January 2018 Dr. Chitrakant Sahu, ECE
    +91-954 965 5371
    Brochure/ Schedule/ Course-contents
    2. Power Electronics advancements in the Design of Solar Photovoltaic power system 1st Week March 2018 Dr. Arun kumar Verma, EE
    +91-954 965 0188
    Brochure/ Schedule/ Course-contents
    3. VLSI DSP systems 2nd week march 2018 Dr. Amit Joshi, ECE
    +91-954 9654 239
    Brochure/ Schedule/ Course-contents
    4. Digital System Design 1st week of April 2018 Dr. Chitrakant Sahu, ECE
    954 965 5371
    Brochure/ Schedule/ Course-contents
    5. Text Analytics & retrieval To Be Announced Dr. Namita Mittal CSE
    6. Low Power CMOS circuits & systems To Be Announced Dr. Shashikant,
    Dr. Lokesh garg
    Dr. Chitrakant Sahu, ECE
    7. Mechatronics for intelligent manufacturing To Be Announced Dr. Harlal Mali, Mech. Engg.
    S. No. Programme title Global coordinating academy/coordinator Local coordinator/s at MNIT Jaipur Schedule Co-Conducting Academies
    1. VLSI DSP systems Dr. Amit M. Joshi 14th – 18th April 2018
    2. Text Analytics & retrieval Dr. Namita Mittal CSE 11th – 15th May 2018
    3. Digital Systems Design & Implementation Dr. Anand K. Darji,
    Dr. Amit M. Joshi, MNIT 15th – 19th May 2018
    4. Digital CMOS Circuits & devices Dr. Anand K. Darji,
    Dr. C. Periasamy, MNIT 22nd – 26th May 2018
    5. Low Power CMOS circuits & systems Dr. Shashikant,
    Dr. Lokesh GARG
    Dr. Chitrakant Sahu 7th – 11th Jun. 2018
    6. Digital systems Design Dr. Amit M. Joshi, MNIT June 2018
    7. Mechatronics for intelligent manufacturing Dr. Harlal Mali June 2018

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