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Sunday, 05 July 2020

Department of Chemical Engineering
B. Tech. III Semester
IV Semester
V Semester
VI Semester
VII Semester
VIII Semester
M. Tech. I Semester
II Semester
III Semester
IV Semester
Ph. D.  

B. Tech. 8th Semester Chemical Engineering
S.No. Course Code Course Title Category Type Credit L T P
1.   Management* PC Theory        
2. CHD-402 Major Project Project Theory   0 0 12
3.   Advanced Elective-I AEC Theory 3 3 0 0
4.   Advanced Elective-II AEC Theory 3 3 0 0
5.   Open Elective-III OE Theory 3 3 0 0
6.   Open Elective-IV OE Theory 3 3 0 0
Advanced Elective-I Advanced Elective-II
CHT-404 Advanced Separation Processes CHT-412 Advanced Process Control
CHT-406 Polymer Process Modelling CHT-414 Applied Statistics for Chemical Engineers
CHT-408 Process Safety and Hazards CHT-416 Catalytic Processes
CHT-410 Process Piping and Design CHT-418 Process Modifications for Green Technology and Energy Integration
L=Lecture hours/week P=Practical hours/week T=Tutorial hours/week C=Credits

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